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The programmes and services we offer include:


Education workshops on sexual health and HIV/AIDS for gay, bi, and trans men, and other men who have sex with men.


Workshops on sexual health for women, and a safe space for sharing knowledge, experiences, and skills, for women who live with HIV.


Self-management workshops on physical, psychological, and mental health of francophone elders. This program is funded by Woodgreen Community Centre.


A team of volunteers is available to accompany you in your daily life, and to visit you at home or at the hospital.


Psychosocial support, referrals to clinics and hospitals (quick and anonymous HIV testing, treatments...) or social services, hotline support.


You would like to use your skills to help Action positive in its mission? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Psychosocial and community intervention

Psychosocial and community intervention aims at improving living conditions, and social, affective, and material stability of people who live with HIV. Guided by the values and approach of the organization, the Program and Intervention Coordinator provides active listening, help and support through diverse medical or social procedures, and can refer to appropriate services.

In concrete terms, the services offered can take different forms:

  • Psychosocial support
  • Transport or accompanying
  • Distribution of grocery cards
  • Concrete help in managing and performing daily activities
  • Accompanying in immigration processes
  • Awareness and education on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, chronic diseases, sexual health…
  • Collaboration with partners working in HIV/AIDS
  • Distribution of prevention material (condoms)

Training on ``HIV Disclosure Policies`` for service providers

Action positive VIH/sida developed a set of policies on HIV disclosure, in partnership with Oasis Centre des femmes. These policies provide information on the law and the rights of people who live with HIV so that they can take informed decisions regarding their life and sexual life.

Action positive also offers training workshops targeted to individuals or groups who are or may be working or communicating with people who live with HIV in the context of their professional activities, i.e. people who work in community organizations or in the sector of health and social services, researchers, or professionals in media or communication.

Goals of the course:

  • Demystify contexts in which people who live with HIV choose to disclose publicly their seropositivity;
  • Discuss challenges and steps towards disclosure according to the purpose, the people, the milieu involved (community organization, research, media);
  • Becoming aware of the main elements required for providing a social and ethical support, in solidarity with people who live with HIV;
  • Develop skills to act in an ethical manner in diverse contexts.

To learn more about a potential training session for your organization or your team, please contact the executive director of Action positive.

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