Persons living with or affected by HIV


The Teresa Group

The Teresa Group exists to improve the dignity and wellbeing of children and members of their family affected by HIV.

Women’s Health In Women’s Hands

Our mission is to provide health care primarily to women of Black, African, Caribbean, Latin America and South Asia living in Toronto or neighboring communities. Our approach is inclusive and feminist, pro-choice, anti-racist, anti-oppression and favors a multilingual participation in the response of health care access of these populations.

Action positive VIH/sida

Action Positive is a francophone non-profit organisation offering services of prevention, education and support. AP also responds to psychosocial needs of all persons living with HIV, those who are affected by it and those who are at risk of contracting it.

Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA)

We help people living with HIV / AIDS to improve their health and well-being through practical and therapeutic support services. We contribute to social change on a larger scale and want to motivate everyone to live their dreams and discoveries.

Africans in Partnership Against AIDS (APAA)


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APAA (or Africans in Partnership Against AIDS) believes in the health and dignity of people living with HIV / AIDS, and recognizes the challenges faced by people of African descent affected by HIV / AIDS.

Fife House Foundation Inc.


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Our mission is to provide safe and affordable housing services and support to those in need living with HIV / AIDS.
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