Nutritional Education


WIndsor Regional Hospital – HIV Care Program

We offer a holistic approach in the delivery of care. Our team consists of doctors and nurses, as well as a pharmacist, a psychologist, a dietitian, and a program secretary.

Immunodeficiency Clinic at Ottawa Hospital

The Immunodeficiency Clinic at The Ottawa Hospital is an outpatient clinic where a multidisciplinary team provides specialized care to people living with HIV / AIDS. The clinic is a regional center specializing in care and research related to HIV infection. It is also a distribution point for antiretroviral drugs.

The HAVRE Program

The HAVRE Program is an outpatient clinic for people living with HIV. We provide care to people living with HIV in northeastern Ontario. We also help people whose lives have been affected by HIV (families, friends, partners).

Centre francophone de Toronto

The Centre francophone de Toronto is the gateway for Francophones living in or coming to Toronto. The Centre offers a variety of services to the entire Francophone community.

AIDS Committee of Ottawa

The Ottawa AIDS Committee's mission is to provide support, prevention, education and screening services based on a framework that promotes social justice, anti-oppression and anti-discrimination.

La Passerelle I.D.É.

Our mission is to foster the integration and economic development of Francophone newcomers and immigrants in all their diversity.

Oasis Program of Sandy Hill Community Health Center

The Sandy Hill Community Health Center provides medical and social services for people living with and / or affected by HIV and / or Hepatitis C. These same services are also available to people who have difficulty finding services because they use street drugs, suffer from a mental illness, are homeless or have sex workers.

ACCESS Network

The ACCESS Network responds to the needs of the entire community by providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to the treatment of HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C and related health issues.

Infectious Care Program (St. Joseph’s Health Care London)

The Infectious Disease Care Program responds to the needs of people living with or affected by HIV in the London area by providing medical, psychiatric, nursing, social work, pharmacy and nutrition services to outpatients. Those wishing to follow the Program for Medical Care will require a referral from a physician.
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