Action Positive VIH/SIDA is a non-profit community health organization founded on September 17, 2009. We are dedicated to supporting French-speaking people and communities in Toronto who are living with or affected by HIV or at risk of contracting it.

Our services are offered in a confidential, sensitive, efficient and professional manner. Our approach promotes the health, wellness, worth and rights of people and communities living with HIV.


Action Positive VIH/SIDA is a French-speaking, non-profit organization that offers prevention, education and support services and aims to meet the psychosocial needs of people of all origins living with HIV/AIDS, who are affected or who are at risk of contracting it.


Action Positive VIH / SIDA works to plan and implement HIV-related programs and services, culturally and linguistically adapted to the Franco-Ontarian minority community in all its diversity.


Action positive VIH / SIDA aims to:

  • Promote, support and accompany people living with HIV / AIDS by improving their physical, spiritual and psychological well-being
  • Provide community services in terms of education, prevention and awareness-raising among young people and adults already living with HIV or at risk of contracting it
  • Participate in the fight against exclusion and stigma which are factors favoring the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Establish strategic partnerships with organizations community to ensure the well-being of people living with, affected by or at risk of contracting HIV
  • Commit to initiate and participate in community and scientific research on HIV, AIDS , other sexually transmitted infections and the sexual health of gay, bisexual, transgender men and those who have sex with men.

Our Values

  • Action Positive VIH/SIDA offers services to all people, regardless of their age, race, culture, religion, beliefs, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Our services are rooted in a social justice approach that reduces risks to individuals and society
  • We recognize the existence and impact of stigma on people and communities living with HIV, and we are committed to addressing its causes and reduce the effects.
  • We promote a holistic approach to health dealing with all aspects of the person: physical, psychological, spiritual, sexual and social.
  • We adopt a positive approach to sexuality and all types of sexual relations, sexual health integral part of a person’s overall health
  • We are committed to respecting and maintaining the privacy of our clients We cooperate with individuals and community organizations to develop their capacities to be pro-active in improving the well-being of people living with or affected by, or at risk of contracting HIV
  • We respect the autonomy of our clients by facilitating access to HIV information, by being transparent and accountable, and by letting them participate in decision-making processes, including in the implementation of a harm reduction approach.
  • We recognize the importance of providing a healthy and safe workspace that promotes respect and mutual support between employees and volunteers.
  • We share, as a common goal, to provide excellent services to our clients and encourage our employees and volunteers to engage in continuing education courses and in community life.
  • We subscribe to the principles of GIPA and MIPA and encourage the broad participation of people living with HIV in decision-making that affects the organization.

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