This page offers a list of HIV/AIDS organizations and service providers in Ontario. You can browse the list with the filters available. Francophone organizations are displayed by default. If you have any question or if you are not able to find the service you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

List of organizations

The ACCESS Network responds to the needs of the entire community by providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to the treatment of HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C and related health issues.
Action Positive is a francophone non-profit organisation offering services of prevention, education and support. AP also responds to psychosocial needs of all persons living with HIV, those who are affected by it and those who are at risk of contracting it.
site web

APAA (or Africans in Partnership Against AIDS) believes in the health and dignity of people living with HIV / AIDS, and recognizes the challenges faced by people of African descent affected by HIV / AIDS.
Through an adapted program and multidisciplinary collaboration, ACCKWA aims to reduce the transmission of HIV, hepatitis C, other sexually transmitted diseases and bloodstream infections in the region of Waterloo.
We build on the strengths and skills of people living with HIV / AIDS and related infections, those at risk, and their support networks in Durham Region.
The London AIDS Committee (or Regional HIV / AIDS Connection) is a community-based organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals and communities living with HIV, at risk of exposure, or affected by the challenges associated with HIV / AIDS.
The mission of the North Bay AIDS Committee and its region is to assist and support people living with or affected by HIV / AIDS and / or Hepatitis C.
The Ottawa AIDS Committee's mission is to provide support, prevention, education and screening services based on a framework that promotes social justice, anti-oppression and anti-discrimination.
Elevate NWO is a non-profit community organization that provides services, opportunities and programs to help people living with or affected by HIV and / or hepatitis C.
The Windsor AIDS Committee provides client advocacy, support, harm reduction, advocacy and health education to those at risk, affected, or living with HIV / AIDS in the region Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent.
The York Region AIDS Committee is a non-profit community organization that embraces the principles of GIPA (increased involvement of people living with HIV / AIDS).
Black CAP is an organization committed to reducing the HIV / AIDS epidemic in the African, Caribbean and Black communities of Toronto, while improving the quality of life of black people living with or affected by HIV / AIDS.
[web site] (Sheridan Mall) 2202 Jane St., Unit 5 416-249-8000  
[web site] (York Gate Mall) 1 York Gate Blvd 416-246-2388  
Bruce House is a community-based organization providing housing, care and support tailored to people living with HIV / AIDS in Ottawa. Bruce House's philosophy is that everyone has the right to live and die with dignity.
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CATIE is Canada's source of evidence-based, accessible information on prevention, screening, care, treatment and support for HIV and hepatitis C.
The Centre francophone de Toronto is the gateway for Francophones living in or coming to Toronto. The Centre offers a variety of services to the entire Francophone community.
The mission of Centres d’accueil héritage (CAH) is to contribute to the development of seniors in French. They offer housing services as well as many lifestyle services for seniors. Some of the subsidized apartments are for adults living with HIV / AIDS, regardless of age.
[web site] 2340 Dundas Street West 416-392-0999  
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Our mission is to provide safe and affordable housing services and support to those in need living with HIV / AIDS.
The Gilbert Center for Social and Support Services (formerly Simcoe County AIDS Committee) aims to prevent new HIV infections and help those living with HIV to better manage their health and well-being. It follows a broad approach, taking into account social determinants, and bases its work on the principles of social justice, equity and human rights.
The Hamilton / Niagara Community Health Center provides health, social and community services in French and is committed to improving the overall health and quality of life of the population. The Center can help refer people living with HIV to the SIS Clinic at McMaster University.
website: HALCO is a nonprofit legal clinic which offers free legal services to persons living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario.
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The Canadian HIV / AIDS Legal Network promotes the human rights of people living with HIV / AIDS and those at risk or otherwise affected in Canada and around the world through research and analysis. litigation and other forms of advocacy, public education and community mobilization.
HIV / AIDS Regional Services offers comprehensive HIV / AIDS education and support programs, as well as some in the area of hepatitis C.
We provide care, treatment and prevention services in the area of HIV / AIDS and other blood borne and sexually transmitted diseases. Our innovative strategies for health promotion and community engagement follow a non-oppressive, sexually positive and inclusive approach.
[site web] 489 College Street, Unit 2 416-323-9986  
UHN Toronto General Hospital 13NU-1300, 585 University Ave 416-340-5077
The Immunodeficiency Clinic at The Ottawa Hospital is an outpatient clinic where a multidisciplinary team provides specialized care to people living with HIV / AIDS. The clinic is a regional center specializing in care and research related to HIV infection. It is also a distribution point for antiretroviral drugs.
The Infectious Disease Care Program responds to the needs of people living with or affected by HIV in the London area by providing medical, psychiatric, nursing, social work, pharmacy and nutrition services to outpatients. Those wishing to follow the Program for Medical Care will require a referral from a physician.
[web site] 662 Jane Street 416-338-7272  
Our mission is to foster the integration and economic development of Francophone newcomers and immigrants in all their diversity.
Our mission is to equip women in the Greater Toronto Area and Halton-Peel who are affected by violence in all its forms to improve their situation and become fully autonomous. The organization is aimed at all Francophone women aged 16 and over, including women living with HIV / AIDS.
The Sandy Hill Community Health Center provides medical and social services for people living with and / or affected by HIV and / or Hepatitis C. These same services are also available to people who have difficulty finding services because they use street drugs, suffer from a mental illness, are homeless or have sex workers.
Through culturally sensitive and responsive programs, our mission is to respond to the growing epidemic of HIV / AIDS in the Aboriginal community in Ontario through advocacy, prevention, long-term care, treatment and care. support in accordance with a harm reduction strategy.
PASAN is a community organization dedicated to providing community development, education and support to prisoners and former prisoners in terms of HIV / AIDS, hepatitis C and other harm reduction issues.
The Peel HIV / AIDS Network is committed to serving a diversity of people living with or affected by HIV / AIDS with the goal of limiting the spread of the virus through support, education, outreach and volunteer activities.
Peterborough AIDS Resource Network (PARN) is a community-based agency that provides support and health promotion services for people living with and affected by HIV. PARN also provides education for people at risk and raises awareness in the community at large about HIV / AIDS issues.
We provide education through an innovative and proactive approach, prevention through a harm reduction model, and person-centered support strategies for those living with or affected by HIV.
168 Bathurst Street 416-703-8482 Ext. 2100 [site web]
[site web] 8 Taber Road (au nord de Kipling et la 401) 416-744-0066  
[web site] Some French Services Available Scarborough Civic Centre 160 Borough Drive 416-338-7438
[web site] 955 Queen Street East 416-461-1925 416-461-2493 (clinique)  
The Special Medical Immunology Services (SIS) Clinic at McMaster University Medical Center provides care to HIV-positive adults, infants, children and adolescents living with HIV or who have HIV-positive parents, as well as those co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C.
[site web] 76 Grenville Street, 3rd Floor 416-351-3800 ext. 2207
The AIDS and Sexual Health Information Line is an anonymous and free service available throughout the province of Ontario. A team of specialized, multidisciplinary and multicultural advisors is available to answer your questions in 18 languages. French service is available from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm at 1-800-668-2437. If you are calling from Toronto, call 416-392-2437.
The AIDS Network addresses the impact of HIV on the health and well-being of individuals and communities in Hamilton, Halton, Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant.
[web site] 10 Gateway Blvd (Don Mills south of Eglinton) 416-429-4991
The HAVRE Program is an outpatient clinic for people living with HIV. We provide care to people living with HIV in northeastern Ontario. We also help people whose lives have been affected by HIV (families, friends, partners).
[site web] 5110 Yonge Street 416-338-7000  
The Teresa Group exists to improve the dignity and wellbeing of children and members of their family affected by HIV.
We help people living with HIV / AIDS to improve their health and well-being through practical and therapeutic support services. We contribute to social change on a larger scale and want to motivate everyone to live their dreams and discoveries.
We offer a holistic approach in the delivery of care. Our team consists of doctors and nurses, as well as a pharmacist, a psychologist, a dietitian, and a program secretary.
Our mission is to provide health care primarily to women of Black, African, Caribbean, Latin America and South Asia living in Toronto or neighboring communities. Our approach is inclusive and feminist, pro-choice, anti-racist, anti-oppression and favors a multilingual participation in the response of health care access of these populations.

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Action positive would like to thank the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) of Toronto Central for their financial support in the creation of this HIV Guide, and Centres d’Accueil Héritage and Centre Francophone de Toronto for their contribution in the direction of the project.