This “HIV Guide” delivers fundamental information that everyone should know about HIV and AIDS. It has been developed in French to support knowledge sharing and education in the francophone community of Ontario. It is aimed at everyone: from people who live with or are affected by HIV, to those who wonder about HIV and would like to learn more about it.

Main titles are translated below but the content is only available in French.

Please do not hesitate to share this Guide with any francophone friend or family member.

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Sections of the HIV Guide

HIV and AIDS: what are the differences?

Having AIDS is not the same as living with HIV. Read the full answer (in French)

Am I at risk?

What are the communities particularly exposed?
How many people ignore that they live with HIV?

Read the answers (in French)

How to prevent infection?

How is HIV transmitted?
What are the behaviors with higher risk?
How to avoid contracting or spread the virus?

Read the answers (in French)

Why and where getting tested?

How do I know if I have HIV?
Why, when, and where getting tested?
What happens is the result is positive?

Read the answers (in French)

What medical care and treatments?

How to deal with an HIV+ diagnosis?
How does the treatment work?
When to start it?

Read the answers (in French)

How to live well with HIV?

How to take care and have a better life?
Do I have to disclose my status?

Read the answers (in French)

How to fight stigmatization?

What is stigmatization?
How is it impacting the health of our communities?

Read the answers (in French)

Additional resources

This HIV Guide is far from being exhaustive. You will find in this section links to additional material like readings, videos, or guides. View resources (in French)

Our interactive directory lists community organizations available in Ontario, according to the HIV/AIDS services and programs they offer, especially those in French. It can be of interest for any person looking for services, or any agency wishing to refer a client to another organization.

Go to the interactive guide (this guide is available in English)

Action positive would like to thank the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) of Toronto Central for their financial support in the creation of this HIV Guide, and Centres d’Accueil Héritage and Centre Francophone de Toronto for their contribution in the direction of the project.